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How to Get Away with Burger 
Issue 04
January 2019
Burger Cover_Curtis.jpg

Cover Art by Curtis Allen

Table of Contents

The Getaway Driver

Aron Simkins/Aaron Rowell

DNA Test

Ryan Croker/James Kenison

Lonely Cowboy

Jon Baty/Aron Simkins

My Day in a Nutshell

Aron Simkins/Erik Dewaal

5 Can't-Miss Food Trucks

Ryan Croker/Erik Dewaal

Arts Section Drama

Jon Baty/Chris Shill

Death by Numbers

Aron Simkins/Trevor Wirth

Background Actress Goes Unnoticed

Jon Baty/Aron Simkins

Diary of a Wimpy Man

Spencer Dickson/Matt Manfull

Smooth Talker

Mil Silver/Patrick Witmer

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