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Words by Aron Simkins

Logan, UT – Upon entering the “Mysteries of Egypt” themed suite at the Anniversary Inn, Charles DuPaige and wife Kathy of Kalispell, Montana, immediately began speculating that the ornately decorated and romantically-themed hotel room was probably used for more than sleep. The couple who checked-in to the hotel specializing in “celebration getaways” was traveling late Thursday night on their way to an antique convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico and had hardly been in the room 15 minutes before suspicions reached a boiling point. “From the moment we entered the room, things seemed noticeably different from the standard Holiday Inn or America’s Best Value rooms we were accustomed to,” exclaimed a put-off Charles, adding that when he saw the Jacuzzi-for-two in the middle of the room and the flower pedals leading to the lavishly-dressed king size bed, he knew the room was meant for baby making. “The last thing either of us need after a long day of travel is this kind of hippy nonsense.” When asked about the hotel’s romantically-charged approach, hotel manager Terry Broadhurst openly disclosed, “I don’t think we’re trying to hide anything here. It’s pretty clear from our name what our intention is.” That intention was further clarified when Broadhurst openly acknowledged that all the fantasy-themed rooms see a lot of action. “We’re constantly burning through bed sheets, especially in the Mysteries of Egypt suite.” While both Charles and Kathy refused to comment the following morning, hotel staff confirmed that, regardless of the couple’s puritanical disposition the night before, “King Tut’s tomb was definitely discovered.”

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