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The MockinBird was unknowingly born years ago out of a shared passion for writing, art, and an affinity for some of the more prominent satirical forces already existing in the wild. At the time, sharing our various ideas, stories, jokes and art with each other provided the recognition our egos needed, but it wasn’t enough. We needed more. We needed to subject others to our wit. So, we organized, we planned, and we formally launched our own publication of artistic expression and humor. We hope you enjoy it and, most importantly, share it.


PAQs (Potentially Asked Questions)

We haven’t existed long enough to necessitate an FAQ section, so we thought a PAQ section would be more appropriate. 

How does MockinBird work? 

MockinBird is a not-for-profit venture with the goal of bringing creative individuals together to offer a platform where they can showcase some of their creativity in a fun way.

Can I submit writing or art pieces to MockinBird?

Of course. We consider MockinBird a community of talent. However, we also reserve the right to be selective with what makes a published issue. 

What are your rates for contributing a piece of art or writing?

Unfortunately, we don't make any income, so we can't afford to pay for contributions. But we hope that won't stop you.

Does that undermine those trying to make a living through compensation for their work?

Again, this project makes no money and participation is completely voluntary. While everyone's work, talents and submissions are of great value, the main goal of MockinBird is to simply provide people with a chance to share them. 


What if I want to respond to something I saw on MockinBird?

We'd love to hear your feedback, so long as it is positive. Let us know how we're doing. 


What if I don’t agree with what you’re posting?

The Bill of Rights not only grants us the freedom of speech and expression, it also grants you the freedom to ignore anything we post.

Can I use or license MockinBird content?

All content on MockinBird is copyrighted. Any unauthorized use is prohibited without express consent of the author and MockinBird. If you are interested in limited use licensing, please contact us via email.

How often does MockinBird release new content?

Good question. The honest answer is, whenever we feel inspired.

What's the benefit of subscribing to MockinBird?

Because we don't keep a regular schedule, our subscription feature is probably the easiest way to stay informed when anything happens, like when a new issue is released or when a new Chirp is posted. We simply like our fans and want to keep them up to speed.

What is your stance on house bill 2076?

We try to keep politics out of this. 

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