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Words by Ryan Croker      Art by Erik Dewaal

5 Can't-Miss Food Trucks of the Greater Wichita Area

If you like food, you like food trucks. Not only are they the hippest thing happening in the culinary world, they’re also on the cutting edge of meal discovery. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself at a food truck scarfing down a hitherto unknown combination of ingredients that somehow tastes incredible. (Jalapeno cinnamon caramel corn dogs are divine.) I can’t explain it. It’s just the magic of food trucks. If this sounds like something you want in on, and you live or work in Wichita—from Old Town to College Hill, Orchard Breeze to La Placita Park—you’re in luck. I’ve compiled the definitive list of Wichita-area food trucks that you simply can’t miss.


1. Curry on My Wayward Son – Not only does this food truck pay homage to the greatest rock band in history (Kansas, wink wink, nudge nudge, slap slap), it also boasts some incredible Kansas-style curry delights. From curry fry bread to curry corn dogs, you’re bound to find something that adds a little spice to your hometown pride.


2. Diagnosis: Lime Disease — Who doesn’t love a citrus injection on a hot summer day? In what has proven to be one of the best food experiments of the decade, local chef Bonny Butler has added lime to EVERYTHING she makes. Lime fry bread? Check. Lime corn dogs? Check. It’s like being on a tropical island, even when you’re standing in a parking lot in the Riverside area.


3. Mama Obama’s Country Cookin’– Foodies everywhere love two things: the Obama Administration and government-mandated school lunches. Both of these come together in this themed food truck where employees dress like Michelle Obama and offer perfect recreations of the former First Lady’s recommended lunches—served on either a heapin’ helpin’ of fry bread or a corn dog.


4. Food Truck – Younger folks these days love nothing more than ironic metacommentaries on everyday things. Now, they can enjoy an ironic meal at Wichita’s only food truck-themed food truck. From the ironic paint job to the ironic vintage aprons worn by the staff as they serve ironic fry bread and corn dogs, every single tiny detail of this food truck simply screams, “Food Truck!”


5. We Weren’t Corn Yesterday – A lot of food trucks try to specialize in one type of food, but few do it as well as We Weren’t Corn Yesterday. With a dedication to corn that borders on the fanatical, these food truck entrepreneurs have truly taken corn to the next level. Every kernel of corn is meticulously selected, washed, and blessed in a special ceremonial room before ever being used in a recipe. The result is food like chicken cordon-bleu or French dip sandwiches that approach the divine.

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