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Words by Kara Clark      Art by Aaron Rowell
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Li'l Snippers Quick Cut Boutique

Receptionist: “Li’l Snippers, your friendly neighborhood quick-cut boutique! How can I help you today?”


Male Caller: “I’d just like to make an appointment. Maybe later this afternoon?”


R: “Oh, in a bit of a rush, I see. I hope you’re not making too rash a decision here…”


C: “Uh, no? I’m pretty sure about it.”


R: “Of course, well, all our rooms are filled at the moment, but let me see if we have any openings later in the week…”


C: “Rooms? Wow, must be a nice place.”


R: “Oh, well, of course. I mean, privacy is of the utmost importance to us. And, of course, we want your stay to be as comfortable as possible.”


C: “My stay? Haha, well, it’s only like a twenty-minute job, right? But sure, yeah, book me your best room for later this week.”


R: “Oh, sure, um, of course, sir. Let me just see here…it looks like we have an opening on Thursday at 3. And while we are a ‘quick cut boutique,’ the procedure does take just a bit longer than twenty minutes. Maybe three hours in total?”


C: “Hours? Okay, I could use some pampering I guess. Sure.”


R: “Pampering? Well, alright, uh, let me just get some more information—do you have someone who can drive you to and from the procedure, sir?”


C: “What? No, I think I’m perfectly capable of driving myself downtown and back. And stop calling it a procedure. Sounds so clinical.”


R: “Oh, uh, okay. But sir, we highly recommend that all our patients have a support system, especially after the…you know.”


C: “A support system hahaha! Listen, I’ve done this kind of thing a time or two. Just set me up for 3 and I’ll be there. And hey, maybe I’ll bring my boy, about to start the 5th grade—get him one at the same time!”


R: “Oh, sir, no! We do not do this to children.”


C: “Uh, you’re called Li’l Snippers. If not children, then who? My wife actually laughed when I told her I was making an appointment with you guys, but I was desperate. We’ve got family pictures this weekend!”


R: “Family pictures? Sir, I think there may have been a misunderstanding. You see, when we say Li’l Snippers—”


C: “Ugh, the boy left the radio on again—I can’t hear you, but see you Thursday!”

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