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Tri-Monthly Cowboy Poetry by Spur Nutcheck

Words by Jon Baty
mockinbird K_1.png
Art by Curtis Allen

“An Ode to My Friend, Horse”

We’ve shared an adventure: me and you

Over cattle fields and dust.

I know when I’m up high in my saddle

It’s always you that I can trust.

I remember the time we fought that man

Who had shot at us and run.

That glint in your eye seemed to say, “go get ‘em!”

So, we chased him to the sun.

Or that other time when I “accidentally” ran over that door-to-door salesman

Well, what was I to do?

With that glint in your eye and your horse teeth smile

You had the same thought, too.

We buried him in the neighbor’s back yard

While they were gone away.

And when the police squad arrested them

“They seemed so nice,” was what we’d say.

Or do you ‘member that time we were a sniffin’

That powder, milky white?

We chased the dragon, both of us

That starry summer night.

We’ve had ourselves adventures

Been East, West, North, and South

But now I have to kill you

Cause you can’t shut your tattlin’ mouth.

“The feds, they were a pressurin’ me,”

Is what you had to say.

“I swear, I cross my horse heart

With my horse hooves this way.”

But my friend, we’ve gone too far

And parting is so sweet.

And just in case that ain’t messed up enough,

Tonight, I dine on horse friend meat.

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