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Words by Simon Styles     Art by Jacob VanDyke     
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The Thorax: Speaks for the Bees

Frank the Exterminator: Thanks for being in my commercial, fellas. You guys look fantastic.


Roy: We look ridiculous. I mean, I get you’re an exterminator and all. But why are we in bug costumes?


Vince: Holy balls Roy. For the fuzillionth time, it’s for Frank’s No Bugs Left Behind promotion. Get on board already.


Roy: It just seems like we should be playing the heros, not the pests.


Stew: Frank is the hero. He’s going to fake spray us, and then we fake die. Didn’t you read the script?


Gil: Where does this stinger thing go? I can’t see where it attaches.


Vince: Stick it to your abdomen, Gil. Geez. It’s like you’ve never seen a bee before?


Roy: Why are we killing bees?


Frank: Sorry. There’s only so many bug costumes down at the Costume Castle.


Stew: I think you mean the thorax, Vince.


Vince: What?


Stew: You told Gil to stick it to the abdomen. I think you meant the thorax.


Vince: Uh. No. The thorax is a kid book.


Stew: That’s “The Lorax.”


Vince: So, now you’re the expert on kid books, too?


Frank: Fellas, please. Let’s just finish this commercial…


Gil: Lorax is the book. Just looked it up on my phone.


Vince: Whatever.


Frank: Alright! Can we finally do this?


Stew: We look ridiculous.


Gil: So, where does the stinger go?

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