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Jeans Day

Words by Jon Baty
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Art by Jon Baty

Local Man Being Hailed as Hero


Tardis, Colorado – It was going to be like any other Tuesday, for most of the residents of a sleepy-eyed Colorado town, but Bart Friedburger had other plans. “I was just tired of the old grind,” Friedburger said. “I knew something had to be done differently.” That was when Friedburger decided to wear jeans and a t-shirt to his place of work, the law firm, Earland, Earlands, and Meat. The only drawback to his decision, however, was that Monday through Thursday was usually considered business “non-casual” work days.


“I just couldn’t believe it,” said Ash Carlby, a legal assistant to the firm. “What kind of thoughts are going through your head when you decide to wear jeans on slacks day?” Carlby wasn’t the only one who took notice of Friedburger’s style choice. When news of the fashion change began to hit the town, many of its residents began to gather around the place of business, hoping to spot a patch of denim.


“We sold out of all of our jeans in the first 20 minutes,” cheered shop owner, Mike Chickoracky. “I have at least 8 more special orders for customers’ own pair of jeans.”


“At first I was going to write him up, or at the very least, give him a warning,” explained Attorney Smith Earland. “But when I saw the tears in the eyes of every co-worker in this firm, I knew this was something that shouldn’t be negated. It should be celebrated.”


Impressed by the outpour of positivity, Mayor Cheef Giustice declared every other Tuesday in June to be a citywide jeans and t-shirt day.


Still, there were few who didn’t take kindly to Friedburger’s choice of clothing. Jill NanaAnna, owner of NanaAnna’s Banana Annex and Slacks Shop, located across the street from the law firm, wasn’t quite as impressed as other residents. “He’s a (expletive) hippie!” NanaAnna said. “Commie hippies like him don’t belong in America. They belong in other commie hippie countries, like Canada… or Maine!”

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