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Greatest Moments in Radio History

mockinbird K_1.png
Words by Spencer Dickson      Art by Kell Padget

7. Woman who thinks she’s in love with her radio thrown for major loop when said radio lets her down.


6. Kangol-wearing mid-80s rapper-turned-post-millennial-TV-star misplaces his radio; instantly keels over.


5. In the midst of a collapsing world, man turns up the radio—but can’t hear it; subsequently books time with top audiologist.


4. Pasty Oxford rockers christen band after Talking Heads song; cleverly omit space between “Radio” and “Head.”


3. Man provokes Material Girl’s ire by not only turning down the radio but having the audacity to ask her where she wants to go.


2. “Radio Ma Ma” added to radio baby talk lexicon, joining “Radio Ga Ga,” “Radio Goo Goo” and “Radio Blah Blah.”


1. Radio star brutally murdered; VHS cassette found lodged in trachea.

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