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Five or Fewer
Issue 11
Nov 2020
Table of Contents

Wake up

Spencer Dickson/Andrew Hackett


Did you see that movie?

Cera Pack/Patrick Witmer


Spencer Dickson

Apology letter

Laurel Armstrong/Andrew Hackett

Date with Hydra

Aron Simkins

Cat calls

Aaron Rowell

Cover Art by Aron Simkins

Kill 'em all

Spencer Dickson/Esther Klinger

Every story, five sentences or fewer.

That's all we wrote.

And that's all you'll get. 

iOS 15

Cera Pack/Esther Klinger

Stealers Anonymous

Aron Simkins

Ode to Blobfish

Laurel Armstrong/Aron Simkins

Moving on

Aron Simkins/Patrick Witmer

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