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Words by Ryan Croker      Art by Jacob VanDyke
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Dark Side of the Rainbow

Music and drug fans the world over know about the incredible coincidence that allows Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” to sync up with classic 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz.” In fact, the movie/album combination is a staple of independent theaters and moldy basements in cities and towns across America. All you have to do is start playing the album on the third roar of the MGM lion proceeding the movie and you get “The Dark Side of the Rainbow,” an experience so mind-blowing that you may never be fully sane afterward. What you may not know is that “The Wizard of Oz” is not the only movie that syncs up with an album. Here are the top 5 alternatives.


1. “Home Alone” and “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”

Known to fans as “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Home Alone,” this journey through the story of Kevin McCallister, including his rise and fall as a vigilante crimefighter is best told by the weird sounds that come out of Billy Corgan’s mouth. Seeing Joe Pesci yelling at a small boy while “1979” plays in the background is an experience that can’t be put in words.


2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and “Tiny Tim Live at the Royal Albert Hall”

This one pretty much speaks for itself. You get to see the story of small men doing small things while a small man sings about small things. Please note that you will have to listen to the album at least 7 times, depending on whether you are watching the extended versions of the movies or not.


3. “The Sound of Music” and “The Sound of Music Official Soundtrack”

This one gets pretty eerie. When this movie and this album are brought together, it’s almost as if the words spoken in the movie match up exactly with the lyrics in the songs. Nobody really knows how this happened, but rumors of a conspiracy have been around for years.


4. “Return to Oz” and “Wish You Were Here”

If you like sequels, you’ll love seeing the unsuccessful Disney sequel to “The Wizard of Oz” paired with Pink Floyd’s follow-up album to “Dark Side of the Moon.” Granted, the characters aren’t as memorable, and the songs aren’t as psychedelic, but it’s still a good time if you have some leftover drugs and a couple hours to kill.


5. “1990 State of the Union Address” and “Jock Jams Vol 3.”

This one is a real gem that has been going around the underground circuit for years. If you watch President George H. W. Bush talking about Poland and education reform while listening to the best Jock Jams album, you will leave your physical body and travel the universe on a mind-bending journey to the stars. 

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