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Words by Ryan Croker      Art by Aron Simkins
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A Review of the Crystal Pepsi I Drank in 1993

Crystal Pepsi was a clear soda that was commercially available in the early ‘90s. I think it was supposed to be actual Pepsi without any artificial colors or something. I know I had it at least twice, both times in 1993. In writing this review, I scoured my memory for every detail of those experiences so that I could provide the final word on this cult favorite beverage.


I think I drank the first Crystal Pepsi in the movie theater. I don’t remember which movie I was watching, but I’m pretty sure I had some candy with my drink. Since the theater was dark, I don’t really remember marveling at the crystal-clear nature of the drink. I also can’t really recall what it tasted like, but I’m sure it tasted a lot like Pepsi. So, sweet and refreshing sounds about right.


My second experience with Crystal Pepsi was when I saw it in a vending machine when my friend and I were out riding bikes the summer after 7th grade. I was thirsty, so I got a bottle from the machine. I think I drank most of it right then and didn’t really pause to savor it. It was most likely pretty good, probably because I don’t remember hating it or having any bad associations with Crystal Pepsi in the following decades.


So, to finish my review, Crystal Pepsi in 1993 was pretty good, pretty refreshing, and was also clear. If offered the chance to drink it again, I would definitely give it a try.


3/5 stars.

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