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Words by Aron Simkins and Scot Singpiel
Art by Patrick Witmer


Christian Firestool is a passionate tween with a deep love for everything Christmas. On one fateful Christmas eve, he plots to sneak downstairs and catch Santa in action under the tree. However, after hearing a slight clatter from an adjoining room, he stumbles upon mommy passionately jingling Santa’s bells. Horrified by the situation—and in a heated rage—Chris bludgeons Santa across the back of the skull, dropping him instantly. As the reality of the situation begins to settle, Chris falls to his knees, stunned by his actions. However, things go from horrible to worse when he finds that the now dead Santa was his father all along. In a flurry of fury and hurt by his mother’s lies about the truth of the jolly elf, Christian immediately turns on her, delivering an equally fateful blow.

Years later, now out of juvenile detention, Chis is ironically ordered to work at a care center as a condition of his parole. Ironically, he learns his main duty will be to organize a Christmas pageant with fellow care center employee and Christmas enthusiast Nicole Goodman. Eager to do whatever it takes to get the ankle monitor off; Chris reluctantly consents—despite his deep-seated anger for the season and his reluctance to open his heart to others. However, after a rocky start, sparks begin to ignite between him and the beautiful and kind-hearted Nicole, who encourages him to face his dark past.


Will Chris be able to forgive himself and rekindle a long-lost warmth for Christmas, or will his holiday-hating heart remain cold, dark, and bitter, closing him off completely to the joy of the season, as well as the possibility of a budding future with Nicole?

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