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Words by Scot Singpiel and Aron Simkins
Art by Aaron Rowell


Caitlyn Killjoy is a successful lawyer who has never made time for love or Christmas. At her firm’s holiday party, the much-anticipated naming of a new partner is finally announced. However, when Caitlyn’s name is not selected, she barely manages to hold it together long enough to confront her boss. After pleading a compelling case, Caitlyn is lovingly informed that, while she is a great attorney and an indispensable member of the team, her boss is concerned about her chilling disposition toward Christmas and her ice-cold love life and counsels her to earnestly seek meaning outside the courtroom.


Somewhat demoralized but determined to file an appeal on both counts, Caitlyn stanchly decides to participate in the annual Mistletoe Mead and Mingle—a festive speed dating and mead drinking social mixer. While at the event she meets the most unlikely person, Frosty T. Snowman, who accomplishes the seemingly impossible by warming her previously cold heart with his dead-aim charm, go-getter personality, and two dreamy eyes of coal.


After a magical night together, a few days pass with no follow-up call from the mystery snow hunk, causing Caitlyn to spiral into a self-loathing, blood-thirsty crusade aimed at melting all the men who have ever done a woman wrong. One by one she thumpity-thump-thumps dozens of d-bags, further deepening the relationship scars that torment her. However, on one happenstance encounter, Caitlyn suddenly stumbles upon an icy blast from her past—the return of Frosty T. Snowman. Now forced to confront the very person that iced her, Caitlyn begrudgingly allows him to plea his sad, sorry side of the tale, only to discover he never meant to disappear in the first place—a revelation that causes Caitlyn to freeze in her man-hating condemnation and warm to the possibility of redemption.


Will Frosty successfully exonerate himself and simultaneously thaw Caitlyn’s icy feelings toward love and the holidays, or will she send him and any hope for a rekindled romance to a polar hell?

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