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20 Things You Should be Wary of a Blind Man Saying

mockinbird K_1.png
Words by Kara Clark      Art by Molly Stringfellow
  1. Steeeerike!

  2. I see dead people.

  3. Looks like rain.

  4. I picked it out myself.

  5. The Redcoats are coming!

  6. Of course you don’t look fat in that!

  7. This is your pilot speaking…

  8. Green light.

  9. He lives, for I saw Him.

  10. One?...or two?

  11. This tattoo will be permanent, you know.

  12. I think I got it clean.

  13. Sure, I’ll watch the little guy for you.

  14. A little to the left.

  15. You kind of feel like the guy we’ve been looking for. *shrugs* You’re under arrest.

  16. I’ve got the Uber sticker, don’t I?

  17. Sure, a full head of highlights then?

  18. *closing smoking car hood* You’re good to go!

  19. You’ve got something in your teeth.

  20. Peek-a-boo, I see you!

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