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Issue 12


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Hallmark After Dark
Issue 12
Dec 2022
Table of Contents

Big Effing Christmas Mistake
Aron Simkins/Scot Singpiel/Patrick Witmer

Ghost of Christmas Present
Laurel Armstrong/Murray Triplett

A Christmas to Remember
Aron Simkins/Andrew Hackett

All I Want for Christmas is You
Tyler Mattson/Abigail Madsen

A Frosty Meltdown
Scot Singpiel/Aron Simkins/Aaron Rowell

Cover Art by Jordan Brough

Two Front Teeth not Required
Aron Simkins/Jordan Brough

Hit the lights, pop some corn, and snuggle up in that tacky blanket-sweater you received from the creepy guy at your office holiday party. It's time to sit back and enjoy a Hallmark Christmas movie. Only, these aren't the sap-soaked movies you hate to love. Nope. These are the ones you wait to watch once the kids are in bed. The ones intended for only the most festively awful among us.

This is Hallmark.... after dark.

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